Where's Waldo

Where is Waldo in 2020?

There is a bit of a Waldo gathering in our store window. You see Waldo could not hide around town as he has in summers past and so this year all our DDG Waldos will be spending time together here at DDG, and spending time with you at home too.

How many Waldos are in our window? Stop by and try and find out. Send us your guess to info@ddgbooks.com or text your answer to 207 441-6596. Make sure to include your name. All correct answers will be eligible for prizes.

Speaking of prizes DDG is sponsoring a Waldo coloring contest this summer. Prizes will be given for the top three entries. You can pick up your coloring entry from our mailbox or right here on our Waldo page.

Waldo would also like to come home with you for some adventures. Candlewick Press, Waldo's publisher has provided us with a Where's Waldo Activity Sheet which you can pick up from a Waldo bag hanging on our mailbox. There are lots of fun ideas and things to do together this summer. Share them with us online! You can also get your Activity Sheet right here on our Waldo page

As a bonus try your hand at decorating Waldo fashions with this worksheet.