Literary Lunacy

Why let college basketball teams be the focus of all the fun in March when book teams can be just as competitive. Based on a great idea from Idaho bookstore The Well Read Moose, DDG presents our own book bracket, pitting our most purchased titles of 2023 against each other in matched pairs. The competitors were all selected based on in store and online sales made by our individual customers. Our opening round of 16 thus represented a roster of customer champions. Over the next four weeks we will hold four rounds of a single elimination tome tournament giving you the chance to vote for your top picks as they struggle to make it to the final round and be crowned tournament champion.

Tournament Champion


Heather Cox Richardson's Democracy Awakening  was no surprise in being voted Our Tournament of Tomes champion, but its margin of victory, a bona fide landslide, was. Democracy Awakening and its championship round rival, Barbara Kingsolver's Demon Copperhead,  were easily the two top vote getters throughout the four week tournament.  It was an edifying surprise then, that when choosing between them Democracy Awakening proved to be a runaway winner.  One is inclined to believe that the wellspring of profound gratitude that many readers feel towards Heather Cox Richardson for her nightly newsletter, along with the singular importance of her book set within our shared political moment, explains a good deal.

So congratulations to our winner and big thanks to the many customers who participated in our tournament with their votes and conversation!