Inner Whale

The Inner Whale


    Dr. Miller brings the rigors of his mental and spiritual expertise, in a timely fashion, to a topic of intense modern interest. With forceful clarity and exquisite scholarship Miller argues that those who focus solely on the inner child are thereby ignoring the equally important inner adult. Just because there is an outer adult doesn't mean there isn't an inner one as well, Miller points out.

    Building on this premise, and alluding to the biblical passage concerning Jonah, Miller proves that as a result of being ignored the inner adult exudes a metaphysical loneliness which coalesces and takes on a life of its own, the inner whale, which ultimately swallows and encases the inner adult.

    But don't despair!! By focusing on the inner adult, cultivating its aboriginal plurality, regaling in the mellifluous resonances of its many voiced voice, we can achieve Whale Merging. Whale Merging allows the inner adult to merge with the inner whale, to see though its eyes, direct the motions of its ponderous tail, and sail through the splendours of the oceans within. Why let your inner adult languish when an inner lifetime of adventure is calling!