Having Our Way

Having Our Way: Feeling Fullness Wellness, and Compasionateness

By Dr. Patricia Maus-Mouly
Reviewed by Guest Reviewer Dr. Marbaret Estulian 

    This dispassionately-conceived book is a SHOULD READ for practically everyone of any gender persuasion. From the so-called Queen Bees who rule the hive of middle school (and far, far beyond) to the subservient-culture differently-abled Tweens who buzz around them, this book is full of it. Chapters with real-life skills include "Knowing how to have your way while feeling morally superior" and "You have to name it before you can claim it as yours." Dr. Maus-Mouly is a self-described pre-eminent pre-adult psychology expert whose previous bestseller, I Know What I Want, and I Want It Now, rocketed to the middle of self-help charts last year, trampling everything in its path. For all the mean girls who want to re-habilitate their image, this is the book for you.