Bum Out Summer

Bum Out Summer?

By  Kamula Bantor

Angie feels bored to death, but she doesn't want to use the d word, especially because the d word makes her feel sad. You see 127 of Angie's best friends died when a pandemic struck Camp Windom. Now she's the only girl in camp. It's hard to have fun doing crafts and playing soccer by yourself. Archery is pretty much the only normal activity. Which is funny, because Windom's only other survivor, the Archery instructor Willem, is the only thing that makes her feel as happy as the d word makes her feel sad. Is he only paying attention to her because he's bored to d by having no other campers, or is this the real thing? Is there light at the end of this tunnel or is this going to be just one long entotallied bum out summer?