Bring Books To Life Community Literacy Wishlist Program

Bring Books to Life is a collaborative local initiative designed to help Farmington and Wilton Head Start parents understand literacy development, which may improve children's literacy and lead to increased success in school. Parents meet monthly, when they are given a children’s book to keep. The group reads the book together and discusses how the children will react. Facilitators help the group go over the pre-literacy skills addressed in the book and how they affect learning throughout life. The books are also often read to the children in the Head Start program. The Farmington Head Start director continues the discussion, while parents create an artifact which can easily be done at home, included in a packet of activities for children.

Bring Books to Life has grown beyond its initial funding grant and is hoping that caring community members will help it include more local families. There are three easy ways you can support this wonderful program:

Thank you for your support!

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